Our Values


1. Attitude is more important than capabilities.

Nobody is born an expert. While we may not know every little thing under the sun, we strongly believe that what’s more important is the willingness and attitude to take on a challenge and learn. When faced with a task beyond our current skill-set, we believe in staying motivated, driven and determined to look at the situation as a chance to learn and tackle an exciting new problem.


2. Experiment. Don’t be afraid of trying new ways of doing things.

Charles Darwin said it best: “it’s not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but the one that is most adaptable to change.” Technology constantly changes the way we do things, which effects our projects, processes and products. That’s why it is vital that we keep up with the changes and continuously explore new ways of doing things. We believe that you should not be afraid to experiment and challenge the status quo. If there is a better way to do something, then let’s do that!


3. Kaizen! Always be learning and growing.

Self-improvement should be a daily routine. The Japanese coined the term “Kaizen” to mean continuous improvement. This not only applies to continuously improving the company, but also oneself. Having goals outside of work, whether it be running your first marathon or hiking up Machu Picchu, improving the mind, body and soul is central to our philosophy.


4. Everything we create is simple, smart and sexy.

Everything we work on are defined by these three fundamental principles.

Our projects, processes and products are based on simplicity – we believe that is the ultimate form of sophistication. Simplicity in our message and design allows us to communicate our story clearly and in a straightforward manner. Cut through the clutter and keep shit simple!

Clever and functional solutions to real world problems – that’s what we define as smart. Buzzwords aside, every product in your home should enrich your life and actually solve problems intelligently. If its not smart, its dumb.

We bring sexy back. Within every overlooked and boring product category, there is an oomph factor waiting to be discovered. Our products should improve your home and look great doing it. Sexy relates to what we say, what we do, and our sense of style.


5. Cultivate relationships. Think long term.

Relationships are the backbone of success – simply put, people do business with people they like. We place a strong emphasis on building relationships and we strive to understand the needs of our partners both on a professional and personal level. Working together towards a common goal while building strong bonds with our fellow colleagues is vital for us to achieve our goals and to build a happy workplace. And the relationships with our customers don’t end once they buy our product – we really believe in following up with our customers to make sure everything is just perfect. After all, we want them to be happy with us and become brand advocates for us!


6. Make our customers fall in love with us. Wow them!

Every touch-point with our customer is an opportunity to wow them. Our goal is to keep our customers happy by creating delightful experiences through our products and services. Any interaction, whether it is engaging them on social media, or offline through tradeshows, should be an opportunity to create a pleasant and memorable experience that should make them fall in love with us. These interactions include from the first time they learn about us, to when they use our products, and even after they’ve purchased our products. We need to go above and beyond with what we deliver to our customers!


7. Remove barriers and open up all channels of communication.

We believe that great communication between our partners, colleagues and customers is key to managing expectations. Open communication starts by creating an environment that fosters communication, including working together in a workplace free from walls and silos. Opinions and ideas are encouraged and shared freely across our team. With our partners and customers, we strongly believe in setting and manage expectations, articulated in a clear and concise manner that is fully transparent.


8. We don’t play by the rules, we make our own.

We have big-hairy audacious goals to hit. This means we look for driven, passionate and creative people that embrace the spirit of innovation and who aren’t afraid of breaking the rules. Why play by the rules when you can make your own? We empower each and every member of our team to be responsible for their part in achieving ambitious goals both independently and cooperatively. We’re in this together as we work towards a grander vision of the company that simply cannot be achieved by one person alone. We encourage our partners to learn from each other and work together to solve complex problems. Both inside and outside of work, we are a team.


9. Get shit done!

We don’t believe in working “9-to-5″. There are no set hours or vacation days here. We believe in getting shit done! That means setting and hitting individual and company goals together! Set ambitious milestones and work hard to hit them. We continually push ourselves to create and experiment with new projects that create value for the company and its customers! Can’t think of anything? Help out a fellow partner – and stack up on some good karma! At the end of the day, we ask ourselves if we could have done more for the company and its customers.


10. Take a break and treat yourself. Work hard, play hard!

We don’t believe in over-working – physical exhaustion just leads to mental exhaustion. So take a break from time to time! Go for a walk, take a nap, or go to the spa to rejuvenate yourself! We want you to be 100% mentally focused on the tasks at hand, and a lack of sleep doesn’t help. If you're tired from sitting at your desk all day, plan walking meetings or meetings in a park. The idea is to take a break from your daily routine to be able to focus on delivery value for your company and its customers!